About Me

I’m Jen, Welcome to 208 South! I’m so excited to have you here and to share my ideas, and the inspiration behind them. As you follow along in my journey, I think you will see that I have a lot of different style inspirations. Sometimes the hardest part for me is to reel it in, and focus on what I think will best represent my personal style. Now, this can be really hard for me to do, (focus that is) but I have learned over time that personal style is just that, ones own PERSONAL flair. I don’t really believe in following the traditional, picture perfect, everything has to match in order to be pretty, design philosophy. I believe that if you really love it, you should have it in your home and you should find things you love and that speak to you (not literally though, that could be creepy). If you follow this method, your home will tell your story, not someone else’s.

I started this space as a way to collect my creative visions; to save them, share them and relish in their beauty. I’m not a writer or professional designer, so here you will find plenty of run-on sentences, an overabundance of commas and a grammatical error or two. Along the way, I hope you see the beauty as I see it; fresh, vibrant and inspired.