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Commitment Free Wallpaper-My Favorite Temporary Wallpaper Picks Of The Moment!


Wallpaper has made a major comeback! I remember having wallpaper in almost every home I lived in as a kid and how much people used to hate it. I have heard how it was such a nightmare to hang, not to mention to peel it off if you wanted a change, and the damage it would do to the walls! Thankfully, I never had to experience this myself, and it doesn’t look like that will be a problem now that we have Temporary wallpaper options. In case you aren’t familiar with it yet, temporary wallpaper is a peel and stick option that you can easily hang and remove on your own, without the hassle. Even renters can hang paper and enjoy it, making their apartments feel more like home. When it’s time to move on, you can simply peel it off. Super Easy!

Creating accent walls in your home can create dimension and add a personal design detail that reflects your personality. There are soooo many options out there, so you can pretty much find anything your heart desires. I plan to add temporary wallpaper on a small wall directly at the top of my stairs. Although it’s a small wall, it will make a big statement as it is placed right inside the front door. Here are some of my favorite options of the moment!

Etsy Monstera Leaves
Jungle prints are HOT right now. You can find them in bathroom, bedroom and living spaces. A bold option and very Blanche Deveroux! 🙂 PHOTO: Wallflora on Etsy

walls need love pixel diamonds
This was one of my top choices for the top of my stairs. I wanted something bold, yet neutral since I have a lot of patterns going on with the tile floor and dark front door. PHOTO: Kristen Grove, Wallpaper by Walls Need Love
Etsy Think Noir Peony
This is a beautiful option for a glamorous Closet or bedroom. You could also use it to line dresser drawers! PHOTO: Think Noir on Etsy
Chasing Paper Mudcloth
Mudcloth from Chasing Paper mimics the African Mudcloth trend that I am loving! PHOTO: Chasing Paper


Etsy Think Noir Pink Peony
This is another great option for a glam bedroom or closet! Of course it would look amazing in a girly bathroom as well 🙂 PHOTO: Think Noir on Etsy
I love the soft touch with chair rail! Just enough bold in a small sapce. PHOTO: MercerLago from Etsy
accentuwall Chevron Lines
This is the wallpaper I think I have finally decided on for the top of my stairs. It’s bold, yet subtle compared to some of my other favorites! 🙂 I think the color and pattern will incorporate well with my paint color and accessories. Can’t wait to try it out! PHOTO: Simple Shapes

While adding wallpaper to the entire wall makes a great statement, you can also use temporary paper on the back wall of a closet, the back of a bookcase, to line your drawer and even inside kitchen cabinets to add a touch of whimsy! And what about stair risers! They could use some fun too! Think outside the box and you will find so many creative uses for temporary wallpaper on your home. And best of all, you can easily update as the trends change. What would you do with temporary wallpaper?


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