My Bathroom Remodel-How I Survived 48 Days Without A Shower


I have been waiting to share my bathroom remodel with you all, mainly because I am still recovering from the PTSD from the whole experience. 🙂 But, I decided to share in the hope that someone out there will learn a little something from my mistakes.

Let’s start from the begining. I purchased my very first home in November 2015. I knew duing the home buying process, that I really wanted something that had some character, was in good overall shape, but that maybe needed some cosmetic updates. Not only did I want to purchase a home to live in, but also wanted to be able to make some dramatic changes that reflect my personal style, while building equity. I found the perfect contender in my 1960’s townhome!

Overall, I could tell that the home was well maintained, it just hadn’t been updated, especially the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms for me. I LOVE to take baths, something I had to do without for many years of renting with not so ideal accomodations. I knew that if I bought this home, it was a non-negotiable for me to have the bathroom remodeled before moving in, or shortly after. Needless to say I did a LOT of research on contractors, remodel costs and fixtures and decided I was ready to make the move.

I was lucky enough to find a contractor that was willing to start within a week. He came in and provided his estimate and I was able to start ordering my fixtures and finishings the same day. He quoted a 2 week turnaround time (which would only overlap by move-in by 1-2 days) NO PROBLEM!  Did I mention that It’s a 1 bathroom place!?!?! Ok, well this will be very important info later in the story. Closing day came and the contractor was ready to go the very next day. At this point I had 2 weeks left in my apartment to finish packing, showering and allowing for my new bathroom to receive it’s makeover. What an exciting time! Day 1, this happened…IMG_8771

Seriously! I was so excited! He got so much done in just one day! This was great!! So, I go to work and start talking to people about my reno and then the subject of permits comes up. Hmmmm, I’m pretty sure I only need a permit IF I am MOVING plumbing or electrical. RIGHT?!?! Hmmmmm, Google?? What do you think?? Well, apparently Google had the impression that I should check with my city to see what kind of permits may be required. But, I couldn’t do that now! I mean, permits can take weeks to months to get! And I don’t have a bathroom now. So, I went to the contractor and asked him if I needed a permit becasue I had been reading… he said “you CAN get a permit, but I have been doing this for over 30 years and have only pulled 2 permits”. Hmmmmm. Yet again, I didn’t know what to do, but I felt like it was too late to go back now. I guess we just need to move forward. AND THEN…

Stop WorkYep. Imagine coming home from work and finding this on your door. Not a fun experience. I spent the next 2 weeks working intently to get permits secured for the work to resume, but in the meantime I had to move in and had no working shower or bath. Neededless to say, I did a WHOLE LOTTA yoga over the next 48 days, showering at the studio saved me!

But, in the end I had a completly new bath! I love it and would do it all over again if I had to. (Although I won’t need to, because now I know). I am very pleased with the results and learned a lot in the process. Hopefully this saves someone from the headache. ALWAYS check with your local city or township to see what the reno permit requirments are for your area. And don’t risk it! Even if you are able to get through the entire reno without any city officials knocking at your door, they can still come back later and make you tear it all down if it wasn’t permitted. I have heard stories! It’s simply not worth the gamble. Do it right and then when it comes time to sell in the future, you will know that you are up to code and selling a safe home.

So, let’s enojoy some of the pics of the new retreat to make all the stress, and gray hairs worth it. (I seriously got my first 4 gray hairs during this process)

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