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How To Create A Statement Floral Arrangement


Ahhhhh, Spring. You have no idea how excited I am for the weather to start warming-up and to see the spring flowers start to peak out from the ground. I’m hoping this year I can get my landscaping under control for my 20 Ft patch of grass and flower beds. 🙂 You wouldn’t think that should be too difficult, but it has been quite the challenge. I don’t know if I have my mom’s green thumb, but I’m going to give it another go this year and keep my fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I wanted to share what keeps me halfway sane in the winter months. FRESH FLOWERS! I’m a little better at fresh cut flowers and arrangements, than I am with my yard, so I wanted to share some simple steps for making a statement floral arrangement.

Floral Arrangement 1

Start with a variety of flowers and greenery. I used 4 types of flowers and Eucalyptus leaves for the greenery. I was creating this specific arrangement for a brunch I was hosting for my friends, so I had a specific color palate in mind. I wanted to keep the greens and white as the focal, and add just a small touch of peach for color.

Choose a vase that you want to use, I used the London Short Glass Hurricane from Crate and Barrel as my vase. It is supposed to be used as a candle holder, but works so great as a vase too! I also found one exactly like it at Target here for less! Make sure you wash it thoroughly before you start to fill with water and flowers. Don’t just rinse it out, really wash with mild detergent and dry to make sure any bacteria from previous arrangements is gone. Once clean, I filled it about halfway with water and added a packet of the food that came with the flowers. (hence the murky water)

Floral Arrangement 2

As I mentioned before, I used Eucalyptus Leaves as my greenery, you will want to chose at least one type of green leaf as your base. The Eucalyptus is pretty flimsy to work with, but I was going for a more relaxed, waterfall type affect so it worked great for me. I bought all my flowers from Trader Joes, they seem to have a great variety year round and the prices are really reasonable.

Using Shears, cut the bottom of your stem at an angle. You will want to cut each stem before placing in your vase. Cutting at an angle helps the flower soak up more water.

Floral Arrangement 3

Start placing the greenery in the vase first, making sure you place some in all sides of the vase. Then start with your taller flowers next and start placing them around within the greenery. I used 4 different kinds of flowers; Small Roses, Mini Dianthus (the peach flowers), Ranunculus (white flowers with the lighter green stems), and some stock spray (the tall white flowers). I placed flowers throughout the greenery, alternating to make sure I didn’t repeat any of the flowers too close together. I save the peach Dianthus until last, since they were the only colored flower in my arrangement, I wanted to make sure I had them spaced out nicely within the arrangement.

Floral Arrangement 4

Floral Arrangement 5

And DONE! That wasn’t so bad!

Floral Arrangement 6

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